About the Swedish Radio Choir

Three hundred years of Swedish a cappella tradition combined with a progressive and diverse repertoire, including collaborations with some of the world’s best conductors, have established the Swedish Radio Choir as one of the best ensembles of its kind. The 32 professional singers are as comfortable with brand new music by today’s most exciting composers as with beloved works from the rich, international choral repertoire. Through Swedish Radio P2 and Berwaldhallen Play, the choir reaches not only the concert audience but also listeners on the radio and the web.

Radiokören och Kaspars Putnins Chefsdirigent Radiokören Berwaldhallen Sveriges Radio Foto: Mattias Ahlm/Sveriges Radio

The Swedish Radio Choir was founded at the same time as the Sveriges Radio, almost 100 years ago. Through commissions and collaborations with contemporary composers, the choir has paved the way for new repertoire with a sound that has set an example for professional choirs worldwide. The Music Directors who have held the role the longest are Eric Ericson, who led the choir 1952–1982, and Peter Dijkstra 2007–2018. When Kaspars Putniņš was appointed the Swedish Radio Choir’s tenth Music Director in March 2020, he described it as “a conductor’s dream job”. With its combination of curiosity, creativity and high musical ambitions, the Swedish Radio Choir will remain an ensemble of the highest degree.

The choir’s ability to convey details in the music and how the singers inspire each other makes performing with them a unique experience

- Kaspars Putniņš

Choir Members

Fredrik Mattson. Foto: Bo Söderström.

Fredrik Mattsson

Leave of absence 2023/2024

Patrik Kesselmark

Ingrid Rådholm Konvicka. Foto: Bo Söderström.

Ingrid Rådholm Konvicka
Mathilda Sidén Silfver. Foto: Bo Söderström.

Mathilda Sidén Silfver

Leave of absence October 19 season 23/24
Jennie Eriksson Nordin. Foto: Bo Söderström.

Jennie Eriksson Nordin

Jessica Bäcklund

Substitute fall 2023