About the Swedish Radio Choir

The Swedish Radio Choir is a mountaineer of the music world. The choir’s former Music Director, Peter Dijkstra, has described the ensemble as ‘the group that leaves base camp first, and decides the direction for others to follow.’ Peter Dijkstra completed his assignment as Music Director for the choir in season 2017/2018. No new Music Director for the Swedish Radio Choir has yet to be appointed.

Three hundred years of Swedish a cappella tradition in combination with a forward-looking and culturally diverse repertoire, and some of the best conductors in the world have established the Swedish Radio Choir as one of the best ensembles of its kind. The 32 professional singers feel just as home with brand new music by the most exciting composers of today as with beloved works from the rich, international treasure chest of music. Through Swedish Radio P2, the choir reaches a vast amount of on-air and online listeners, as well as the concert audience.

’’Few have put Swedish choral music on the map for more than half a century like the Swedish Radio Choir’’

- Music Export Prize 2010

In 2015, the Swedish Radio Choir celebrated its 90th birthday. How can this nonagenarian stay energetic? By being proud of its achievements, while simultaneously keeping its gaze firmly looking forward. When the Swedish Radio Choir was formed, one of the ensemble’s tasks was to ‘work at a high idealistic, cultural and artistic level’. Considering the choir’s curiosity, creative zest and high musical ambition, those words will continue to carry the ensemble for at least another 90 years. To quote the former choir’s Music Director, Peter Dijkstra: ‘Feeling “it’s all done now” is dangerous. We must always carry on developing. The only thing setting any limits is one’s imagination!’

Choir Members