A Conversation about Heroes and Anti-Heroes



Saturday 17:30

Tickets for the talk cannot be purchased separately


Maria Dahlin and Erik Bengtson will lead the audience in a conversation on Heroes & Anti-Heroes –the Baltic Sea Festival theme. The audience will be asked to contribute their own stories about role-models and narratives that communicate the way sustainable development is perceived today.

Considering climate change, the threat to biological diversity and to our environment these are challenging times. Who are the heroes we put our trust in? Who are our role models? In what contexts do we find these role-models? Who rely on these heroes? Are there other characters in the story of the present and the future, persons who arouse our sympathy, people who might be able to save us but are perhaps ethically questionable?

We hope to find answers to these and many more questions during our conversation. By bringing stories that shape our frame of mind to light, we can become aware of blind spots and discover new opportunities for action as we take on the major challenges of our time.

The Talk is about 45 minutes long.


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