“Torsk på Tekniska" – A Talk about Cod



Saturday 14:00

Museum and Science arena

The museum's entrance ticket is valid

During the spawning season in spring cod carefully choose their partners. Fish have a complex pre-spawning ritual that involves both sounds and movement. The sound is created when the males produce rhythms by beating their “drumming muscles” against the swim bladder while circling around the female. Research has shown that males with larger drumming muscles generate more offspring, which indicates the importance of this behaviour.

The Centre for Coastal Research at the University of Agder on the south coast of Norway studies the way this drumming behaviour varies between individual cods and what makes certain individuals more attractive than others. Scientists and musicians are now working on producing music based on this phenomenon. This programme item will take place at the Museum of Technology in Stockholm. Not only will you be able listen to the sound of cod mating, you will also experience how these sounds are used in contemporary music and discover how it moves around the room, just like the fish in their tank.

The Museum of Technology offers a discount, two for the price of one, on presentation of the Berwaldhallen concert ticket. Between 2 pm and 5 pm.

In collaboration with Vision Forum with support from Statens kulturråd, Längmanska kulturråden and Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse


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